Sunday 10 March 2013

181 Gladstone Ave, Toronto, Ontario Canada M6J 3L3 


Exhibiting paintings in solo and group exhibitions around the world since 2000.


Solo Exhibitions
June 2014 - The One & Only Gallery House (Toronto)
February 2013 - Stuff on a Table Galerie de Bellefeuille (Montreal)
Summer 2011 - Love and Rockets Galerie de Bellefeuille
July 2009 - Love in Digital Times Scott Richards Contemporary (San Fran. CA)
Feb. 2006 - Love in Digital Times Angell Gallery (Toronto)
Sept. 2004 - Stories From Beyond the Firewall Angell Gallery
Sept. 2002 - Secrets From the Master Plan Angell Gallery  (Toronto)
March 2002 - The Lesser Known Quotes of Chicken Little Artspeak Gallery (Windsor)
Jan. 2002 - Somewhere Over the 110110110 (Rainbow) Gallery Stratford  (Stratford)
May 2001 - Ctrl/Shift Zavitz Gallery  (Guelph)
March 2000 - Famous Flowers KOR Gallery (Kitchener)

Art Fairs
Art Stage Singapore
Palm Beach Contemporary Art Fair
Toronto International Art Fair
FADA Los Angeles Art Show
Dallas Art Fair
London Red Dot Art Fair (UK)
Bridge Art Fair (New York)
Scope Miami
Affordable Art Fair (New York)
Arts 2000 (Stratford) – National Juried Exhibition

Group and Two Person Exhibitions
January 2015 - Freaks and Americana, Corey Helford Gallery (Los Angeles)
Oct 2014 - Truth, Light & Matter Gallery House (Toronto)
December 2012 - Sci-Fi Show Super Wonder Gallery (Toronto)
December 2011 - Holiday Show Gallery de Bellefeuille
June 2011 - Group Show Gallerie de Bellefeuille
January 2011 - Materially Madness Scott Richards Contemporary Art
June 2010 - Group Show Gallerie de Bellefeuille
February 2009 - Be Mine, Sois le mien Gallerie de Bellefeuille
December 2008 - Gallery Artists Gallerie de Bellefeuille 
June 2008 - Cheryl Kelly/Stephen Ibbott Scott Richards Contemporary Art
May 2008 - Art 2008 Gallerie de Bellefeuille
June 2007 - 4 New Artists Tatar Gallery  (Toronto)
April 2007 - Art 2007 Gallerie de Bellefeuille
October 2004 - Beyond the Firewall Moore Gallery/Angell Gallery (Toronto)
July 2004 - Gallery Artists Angell Gallery (Toronto)
September 2003 - New Work Mayberry Gallery  (Winnipeg)
January 2003 - Hybrid Version Art Gallery of Ontario (Art Sales and Rental)
January 2003 - Abstraction 2003 Stage Gallery (New York)
March 2002 - The Lesser Known Quotes of Chicken Little  Artspeak Gallery (Windsor)
May 2001 - Ctrl/Shift Zavitz Gallery  (Guelph)
Summer 2000 - Group Show Gallery Moos (Toronto) 


University of Guelph, Guelph, ON — MFA, 2001
Concordia University, Montreal, PQ — BFA, 1994

Teaching Experience

Seneca College 2015 Design 1; Design 2; Colour Studio
2014 Design 2; Colour Studio
2013 Colour Studio

University of Toronto
2011 Painting and the Subject VIS220H1

2011 Contemporary Issues: Art TodayCreative Process/Research; Abstract Painting
2010  Creative Process/Research; Colour Exploration; Abstract Painting
2009 Advanced Painting Workshop; Creative Process/Research; Painting Studio; Colour Exploration
2008 Colour Exploration; Painting Studio
2007 Colour Exploration; Painting Studio
2006 Abstract Painting; Painting Studio; Intermediate Painting
2005 Intermediate Painting

Other Teaching Positions
2002-2003 Drawing and Composition Puppets The Animation School
2000-2001 Foundation Studies University of Guelph

1999-2000  Foundation Studies University of Guelph

Publishing and Design

Many years as a professional designer have brought a high level of skill with industry standard digital applications.

Selected Clients
Synapse Cross Media and Unilock, Ariad Custom Communications, TD Securities, Blockbuster Canada, London Sevens International Rugby Tournament, Canadian Liver Foundation, Canadian Cancer Society, Pro Bono Law Ontario, Ontario Government's Superbuild, RepoDepo, Born to Read Canada.

Client: Harcourt Publishing
Positions: Print and Technical Art production (for a series of national school textbooks)

Client: Ben Wicks and Associates
Position: Art Director

Client: Canadian Cancer Society
Position: Website Designer

Clients: Gage Educational Publishing, John Wiley and Sons Publishing, British Columbia School Board
Positions: Editor, Freelance Graphic Designer, Technical Artist